To achieve success in worldwide business, organizations require each day more integral service and solutions from its business advisors.

·         ASPROSE CORREDORA DE SEGUROS S.A. complies with these demands with a differentiated advisory model, supported by knowledge, technology and procedures which create value to your organization.


·         In this way, ASPROSE CORREDORA DE SEGUROS S.A., offers a complete service program based in our experience and knowledge that allows us to create Risk administration and insurance programs specially designed for large companies.


·         These programs include all the insurance lines available and also ASPROSE CORREDORA DE SEGUROS S.A. has the capacity to adapt international programs to our local legislation through the different authorized insurance companies in Costa Rica (global programs, frontings, etc.).


·         The maximum stimulators in worldwide economies are the medium and small companies, which in risk and insurance administration require programs according to the global scope, so they can compete and obtain the best benefits and coverages available in any part of the world.
·         In this issue, ASPROSE CORREDORA DE SEGUROS S.A. can offer these companies world class products that adjust to the particular requirements of each company.  We have a commercial unit specialized in the attention of small and medium companies, as well as the trade organizations which require quality services according to its requirements.


 We have highly qualified professionals so we can advise and design the insurance and risk administration program which adjusts to the real and specific requirements of our clients.


We are not insurance sellers, are duty is to follow an orderly risk administration process in order to advise our clients in the acquisition of the best products available in the market, either insurance or auto insurance / administration programs achieving  an optimal balance between the level of risk exposure  and the cost of facing possible negative results.